John was born in Quebec, Canada on October 13th.  He was adopted by Jim and Janet Sager in Deshler, Ohio when he was 6 months old.  Early in his life, John found his musical talents.  At 9 years old, he was already taking piano lessons.  He has been singing since High School, winning the best male vocalist award his Junior and Senior years.  He sang in the choir and was also involved in band, playing the trombone and the tuba.  John has always wanted to learn how to play the guitar and while attending college one of his good friends helped him learn.  It was a little different since John plays the guitar left handed. 
     It all started when people would ask John to sing for their weddings.  Eventually it led to John singing at funerals also.  John attends Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Deshler, Ohio.  One day the Sister from the parish sent him a letter about a singing contest to help battered women in Toledo, Ohio.  John never had done such a thing but he thought if Sister thought it was a good cause then he'd try it.  He sent in a demo CD and was chosen as one of the top 10 to sing out of over 100 contestants.  Well, John won this contest called "The Toledo Idol" in 2003.  From there he had the honor to open for Mr. BJ Thomas at the Stranahan theater in Toledo and John received a standing ovation after his performance.  From there on, John entered the Erie Street Market Idol and the Findlay Idol contest in 2004 and won both of these as well.  John has opened for Mr. Bobby Rydell at the Ritz Theater in Tiffin, Ohio in 2005.  He also received another standing ovation for his outstanding performance.  John was also on Television on channel FOX 36 in Toledo for the Toledo Idol.  
     In April 2009 John was able to fulfill his dream of moving to Branson Missouri.  John is working at Mel's Hard Luck Diner where he gets to sing and perform everyday!  Mel's Hard Luck Diner is located right on the 76 Music Strip at the Grand Village.  Since John's move to Branson he has accomplished more than he could ever believe.  In 2010, his first year of singing professionally, John's double disc CD, Living The Dream, was nominated for Best CD of Branson.  On that CD the popular song 'Unchained Melody' was nominated for best song of the year.  John was also nominated and won Best Male Vocalist of Branson from 'Branson Show Awards'.  
In that same year John headed down to the Rio Grande Valley were he performed over 40 shows in three months.  During that time John won 'Best Male Vocalist' of South Texas and 'Best Male Entertainer' from the Winter Texan Times, the most popular winter paper publication in South Texas.
     In 2011 while back in Branson John started a lunch show at Jackie B. Goode's Uptown Cafe'.  Branson Show Awards decided to only give out 50 awards for 2011.  In Branson there are over 300 shows with many great entertainers.  After listening to John's show the committee again nominated John for Best Male Vocalist once again.  Without John knowing they also nominated his CD, 'Faith, Hope and Love' for best Gospel CD of Branson for 2011.  John won Best Male Vocalist again and his CD also won Best Gospel CD of Branson for 2011.
That same year, John's second year down in the Rio Grand Valley, John once again won Best Male Vocalist from the Winter Texan Times publication.  This was the first year that the Star Awards at Victoria Palms was instituted.  With over 1,600 votes John also won Best Male Vocalist and Best Overall Entertainer in the Rio Grand Valley.
     In 2014-2015 John was able to find his biological family in Quebec Canada.  In his adopted family John is the middle child.  He has an older brother and a younger sister.  After finding his biological family he found out he is the youngest of 7 children!  In order they are Lynda, Johanne, Sylvie, Normand, Josee', Irmarie and then John.  He found out that his birth father, Andre' Page', played the accordion, guitar, violin and even sang!  Sadly to say but his birth father passed away in 2014 so John never got to meet him.  After Andre's passing, his sisters in Canada sent him cassettes and CD's that Andre' made.  John proudly displays his birth father's music along side his at John's shows.  In 2016 John and the rest of the family plan on going on a Cruise to the Caribbean!

Mom and Dad and my Sager family
FIRST time in 45 years all my biological sisters were together.
From left to right:
Sylvie, Johanne, Josee', Lynda and Irmarie
A Picture of my Biological Mom and I that I put together as a collage.